CityU PAVC (PAVC) was founded by Dr. Phillip Mak in June 1984, with the dream of providing high quality veterinary services to pets in Hong Kong. At the time, Hong Kong's veterinary industry was in it's infancy, and Dr. Phillip Mak became the first veterinarian native to Hong Kong, to open a private practice. By capitalizing on multiple opportunities, the practice grew rapidly over time and eventually expanded to its current 18,000 square foot facility on Liberty Avenue.

PAVC is the designated training clinic for Taiwan Chung Hsing University graduates who want to register in Hong Kong.


We strive to raise the standards of Hong Kong's veterinary community to the highest level by integrating teams of globally experienced, high caliber veterinary professionals with state-of-the-art facilities.



We provide high quality pet care with a "Kaizen" approach to clinical excellence.

We remain cognizant of global veterinary advances and make constant efforts to integrate them locally.

We provide opportunities to nurture and aid our staff in reaching their full potential for a higher standard in veterinary health care.

We provide an innovative working environment with excellent technical support in all important aspects of veterinary medicine.

Core Values


At PAVC, we value integrity above all else. We define integrity as the ability to act according to our values, beliefs and principles with consistency.


We strive for excellence in every possible way in order to provide the most comprehensive veterinary care available. We take pride in our commitment to our patients and our professional diligence.


Providing care and caring for our patients are key elements of our practice. We believe both are important components to a patient's speedy recovery. We always try to act in the best interests of our patients.

Innovation & Discovery

Continuous improvement is necessary in any field of expertise. We are always seeking learning opportunities, and implementing new technologies in the hope of providing the most advanced solutions for patients and members of the veterinary community.